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Assisted Living is a supportive senior living option promoting independence and personal dignity in a safe, home-like environment. Help with the tasks of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, evening care and medication monitoring, is personally tailored to each individual’s personal needs and preferences.

In Assisted Living, a resident makes their home in a private apartment with the convenience of maintenance, housekeeping and laundry services, and has full access to the community’s full array of amenities featuring an active lifestyle that includes ample access to entertainment, recreation, dining and transportation.

Assisted Living is a wonderful option for seniors who no longer wish to live alone or may need some help, but who don’t need or want institutionalized care in a nursing home. It is best suited for seniors who do not require complex medical care but may require additional support with personal care and daily activities, or have some memory issues that make it unsafe to live at home alone.
Assisted Living promotes independence and emphasizes wellness in a warm, dignified, community setting. Residents live in their own private apartment that they can furnish and decorate as they choose. Residents choose what they want to eat at meals in restaurant style dining rooms, and they have the freedom to decide which activities they want to participate in or how they want to spend their day.

Nursing homes take care of people who are sick and need around-the-clock skilled nursing care. Their institutionalized settings are often not conducive to encouraging independence. Health care experts estimate that up to 30% of elders residing in nursing homes actually do not need round-the-clock care. Assisted Living offers them a place to call home that offers more cheerful surroundings, privacy, space and dignity than is typically found in a nursing home, and at a lower cost.
Seniors who are frail but not sick and who need some help with daily activities such as housecleaning, meals, dressing, and medication reminders and monitoring, are appropriate for Assisted Living. Geriatric experts estimate that nearly 1/3 of people age 85 and older need some assistance with these types of daily living activities.

Seniors who want peace of mind, who don’t want to rely on family for assistance or care, are appropriate for Assisted Living as well. Additionally, many seniors simply want to live independently without the worries of home maintenance, shopping and cooking on a daily basis or just do not wish to live alone any longer.
Assisted Living encourages companionship and a sense of independence in a place that feels like home. Residents have their own private apartments they can furnish and decorate however they choose. Every day is filled with choices from which activities they want to participate in, to the favorite dish they want to have for lunch. Good friends, a strong sense of self-worth and comfort are the best medicines of all.

Professional nurses and trained staff supervise and assist with the self-administration of medications. We keep track of changing medications and dosages and watch for reactions to medications. When appropriate, we contact our residents’ families and personal physicians and keep them informed about any medication-related concerns and changes in health. More important, we have a professional staff that interacts with residents throughout each day noticing both subtle and significant changes that should be brought to the attention of family or a doctor.

Too often, people living alone fail to cook or eat properly nutritious meals. At our Assisted Living community, we home-cook all our meals under a menu approved by our Registered Dietitian to ensure nutritional balance.

Active, involved people are more alert and healthy, which is why we offer a comprehensive array of recreational and social activities for our residents.

While rising costs are a given in today’s economic environment, we recognize that the vast majority of our residents are on fixed incomes and we strive to be good stewards of your fees.